The National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs invites you to:

Virtual NACWE Networking

The premier event for Christian Businesswomen!

Virtual NACWE Networking: The premier event for

Christian Businesswomen!

When: Thurs Jan 18, 7:30pm EST (4:30p PST, 5:30p AZ/MST, 6:30p CST)

Where: Via Zoom

Fellowship, Networking, Fun

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Thurs Jan 18, 7:30pm EST (4:30p pst|5:30p mst|6:30p cst)

Meet a growing community of Christian women entrepreneurs growing thriving businesses and making an impact

You don't have to leave your faith at the door

To the female business owner who loves Jesus:

  • Wish you had a network of women entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate with?

  • Wish there was a group that you could go to focus on business but without forgetting your faith?
  • Wish you were a part of a growing community of women who run profitable businesses and also prioritize making a kingdom impact?

Connect + Collaborate

🖤 You were made to grow this business into something amazing that glorifies God.

🖤 You were made to do it alongside others working toward the same goal and living out the same beliefs and values.

🖤 You were NOT made to kick off your faith when it comes to your business, nor were you designed to leave your entrepreneurial spirit at the door of regular life stuff.

Come to a place where you don’t have to compartmentalize anymore. Instead, it’s time to forge faith + business into the double-edged sword God created you to wield. In Person!

🌟 Networking, Training, Fellowship 🌟

Note: members are free. Rather just become a member? Click Here.

We believe that you were created to:

  • Build a successful, profitable business using Biblical principles.
  • Grow in community with other entrepreneurs who share your values, goals, and just get it.
  • Tap into the power of a supportive network of women who give encouragement, share referrals, and speak life into your business.

Come to meet NACWE business women, share about your own business and how you serve your community, and form relationships that will last years to come.

What is NACWE?

NACWE exists to connect Jesus-loving, impact-driven women who shine a light on the world through their thriving businesses.

NACWE (National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs)...

  • a connected community of like-minded, women entrepreneurs, founded to facilitate a space for networking, education, and support for business owners who love Jesus and are seeking to grow in alignment to their faith.

  • a virtual membership that also hosts in-person networking events for local communities like yours, and you can claim your seat at the table.

Virtual Meet-up:

  • When: Jan 18, 7:30pm EST (4:30p PST, 5:30p AZ/MST, 6:30p CST)

  • Via Zoom

  • Cost: $33 for non-members

  • When: Jan 18, 7:30pm EST (4:30p PST, 5:30p AZ/MST, 6:30p CST)

  • Where: Via Zoom

  • Cost: $15 for non-members

Note: Members are free. Rather just become a member at $333/ year? Click Here.